Live Punjabi Dhol wala and Music - The foot tapping and the loud yet musically alluring rythm of punjab take you to a world of total fun and frolic.

Astrologer - Excited to know about your future?? Come and take a journey to it!

Horse Riding - Come and explore your equisterian skills more closely!

Mehandi wali - Designer and rustic motifs from the land of 5 rivers.

Live Roti Counter (Roti wali)- Get a homely feel just like your mother feeds you by cooking on chullah with love.

Tora Tora - The ride keeps on spiralling in the centre with lifting and tilting you high in the air. Awesome fun indeed.

Tele combat (Paratrooper) - Experience the traveling in a jet plane, vertical ride lift and rotating high in the air. Fly high!

Bioscope - Get a feel of indian kaleidoscope.

Skill Games :

  • Kancha Games and Lattoo - Famous as a Gali sport, this game is played using marbles called ‘Kancha’. The players are to hit the selected target ‘kancha’ using their own marble ball. Come & Revive your childhood days!

    Small wooden Indian peg top, with a large metal spike and winding cord when spin rolls round and round with speed. Kids love playing with it.

  • Gun Shooting - Test how good you are at targeting your target by shoting the ballons with the gun, definitely a fun.
  • Dart Board - A pointed cork having tail fins thrown by hand on a circular board hung on the wall by targeting the bull’s eye. Check how efficient you are. Truly an interesting task.
  • Arrow Shooting - Famously known as teer kaman, always excites and take you back to the historical era of India. Come and experience the old era.

  • Ring Games - Interesting one!!! where you throw the ring on the object place a little away and if it places on the object that object is yours. So it is a package of fun and a goodie

Sind bad - video game section- A section where its all fun with lot of games, great place for kids.

Tall Men - See this gutsy feat live. The brave artist balances himself on a bamboo and gives that perfect feeling of tall men which you’ll find in a Punjabi Village Fair.

Rope Acrobat - Come and get amazed by witnessing the skillful men balancing a walk on the rope. Truly adventurous

Punjabi Puppet Show - The colourful Puppet Show transports you into the world of colourful Punjab. The puppeteer makes episodes and scenes from their lives come alive to give you a glimpse of their lifestyle.

Fish Pond - An artificial water body created to display the beautiful aquatic world.

Troy Train - A mini simulation of a train taking you to a joy around the colourful Punjabi Village.

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Reach out to your Village - Welcome Guest Pick up & Drop by Tanga.

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Punjabi Dhol
Horse Riding
Gun Shooting
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